Half-Year Reset 2022

Starting with the biggest problem you are currently facing, what actions can you take towards overcoming this. How do you want to feel moving forward into the next half of the year?

Half-Year Reset 2022
Photo by Johannes Plenio / Unsplash

New Year's Eve does not have to be the only time of year that provides the opportunity for a reset. We are halfway through the year and this is the perfect opportunity for a mid-year life reset. Take this time to reflect on the last six months and look ahead to the next six months to set some intentions for how you're going to continue living your best life.

This Half-Year reset includes the following activities:

  1. Problem Hierarchy Activity
  2. Mind and Body Check-in
  3. How do you want to feel?
  4. Self-Care Pillars
  5. What are your wins?
  6. Things to increase and decrease
  7. Reflection Questions

There is a printable workbook that includes all the activities from this reset and is available on my Etsy store: NewRoadsTravelled.

A few reminders before starting off a life reset:

Lead with self compassion and avoid negative self-talk or judgement.
Instead, try to keep your inner dialogue positive, kind, and forgiving.
Avoid ‘I should…’or ‘I need to…’ statements.
Instead, try to use ‘I want to…’ or ‘I choose to…’.
Self-care is not about doing what your autopilot wants in the moment.
Instead, self-care is like self-parenting. It is about doing what is ultimately best for you.

1. Problem Hierarchy Activity

A problem hierarchy helps you to focus on the things that are having the biggest negative impact on your life, and therefore allows you to determine the actions that could have the biggest positive impact!

  • What is your current number one problem?
  • What is your second... and third? List out all of your current problems; the things causing you the most grief or pain in your life at the moment.
  • What actions can you take to overcome these problems?

Starting with the biggest problem you are currently facing, what actions can you take towards overcoming this. If the problem is something that you don’t have the power to change, what can you do to work on changing your mindset surrounding this thing, gaining support from loved ones or professionals, or finding coping mechanisms that work for you? Even if the problem isn’t something you have control over, you do have control over how much you allow this thing impacts your mental health and wellbeing.

2. Mind and Body Check-in

Thinking back over the last 6 months:

  • How have you been feeling physically?
  • How have you been feeling mentally?
  • How have you been feeling emotionally?
  • How have you been feeling generally?

3. How do you want to feel?

Using your answers to the previous questions, how do you want to feel moving forward into the next half of the year?

You can choose one or two focus words, or you can choose one for each of the categories (physically, mentally, emotionally and generally).

I was feeling physically tense, so moving forward I want to work on feeling physically relaxed.
I was feeling mentally scattered, so moving forward I want to work on feeling mentally organised.
I was feeling emotionally on edge, so moving forward I want to work on feeling emotionally secure.
I was feeling generally unsure, so moving forward I want to work on feeling generally excited.

Here are some examples to get you thinking about how you might want to feel:

  • Energised or Adventurous
  • Free or Joyful
  • Relaxed or Calm
  • Motivated or Inspired
  • Organised or Focused
  • Courageous or Strong

4. Self-Care Pillars

Whilst reflecting upon the six Self-Care Pillars, try to have less emphasis on what you have done in the past, and instead focus on thinking about what each of these areas will look like moving forward. What adjustments could you make to strengthen these self-care pillars?

Six Self-Care Pillars: Sleep, Water, Nutrition, Movement, Nature and Connection

5. What wins have you experienced over the last 6 months?

These wins don’t have to be traditional achievements, they can be anything good that happened to you or that you made happen! For more ways to remember your wins try looking through your phone's photo gallery, calendar, your previous to-do lists etc.

Prompts to think about wins in your life:

  • Things that made you happy
  • Things that made you proud
  • Moments you will cherish
  • Achievements and things you worked hard at
  • Times when you got through even when it was really difficult
  • Things that made you uncomfortable, but you did them anyway

Some categories that I ended up with after I did my reflection:

  • Creativity (projects or small creative moments)
  • Social connection (dates, dinners, conversations)
  • Self-work (new revelations and reflections about myself)
  • New additions (things you’ve purchased, new hobbies, new people etc.)
  • Solutions you found to problems (big and small)
  • Work and side hustles (finances, organisation, improvements, ideas etc.)
  • Reading and Learning (lessons you’ve learned and books you’ve read)
  • Food (memorable moments surrounding food and cooking)

6. Things to increase and decrease

This is one of my favourite activities as it is a really simple and gentle way to set intentions moving forward without setting yourself up for failure. The goal is to work on increasing certain things and decreasing others. It is the classic Start, Stop and Continue activity.

  • What are the positive things you would like to increase?
  • What are the negative things you would like to decrease?
  • Is there anything you feel has been missing?

7. Reflection Questions

Lastly, here are a few extra reflection questions to you get you thinking about life in general and how you might move towards living your best life starting today!

  • What do you want the rest of your 2022 to look like?
  • Is there something you want deep down that you might not be admitting to yourself?
  • Do you have any projects or goals you want to work towards?
  • What changes can you implement to make living your best life easier?

If you would like a printable version of this reset, you can head to my Etsy store to download the Life Reset Workbook.