I create YouTube videos all about increasing productivity and enjoying life more by leading with self-compassion 🥰 I share what I've learned about living a more intentional life and discuss the various tools and strategies I find along the way to help others.

I want nothing more than to have a positive impact on people's lives by sharing what I've learned and discussing the various tools and strategies to help you design a life that you love. I want everyone to be able to live their best life and I am excited to find like-minded people who feel the same way.

There are many roads one might travel throughout their life. Sometimes we find ourselves down a road and we aren't quite sure how we got there, where it's headed, or when the next exit will appear...

I believe that everyone has the power to ultimately decide what they want their life to be. It's not the easy way. The easy way would be to follow the road. Although it might take more effort, be more challenging, and require more work, in the end, it's all worth it!